Our team covers different aspects of machine learning and cybersecurity and have years of experience in both areas. Our team focuses on developing new features for MLigther aiming to improve your testing experience.

Héctor D. Menéndez

Hector D. Menendez is currently a lecturer in Computer Science at King’s College London. He is a computer scientist (BSc, MSc and PhD) and a mathematician (BSc and MSc). He started working in machine learning during his PhD but, during his postdoc at University College London (UCL) with Dr David Clark, he started exploring different areas of “Comprology”, mainly security, malware, diversity, and testing.

He is a researcher, developer and business manager. He is currently collaborating with multiple researchers all around the world in three research topics: malware, software testing and machine learning; as a developer, he is creating the MLigther system for holistically testing machine learning; and as a business manager, he is leading Endless Science, a new publisher that will reinvent open scientific publications.

Karine Even-Mendoza

Karine Even-Mendoza is currently a Lecturer in Systems and Programming Languages (CS) at King’s College London with a PhD in Computer Science from King’s College London. Before joining King’s as a lecturer, she was a Research Associate in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London, where she worked in the Software Reliability Group (SRG) and Multicore Programming Group on compiler testing and software testing in general with Prof. Cristian Cadar and Prof. Alastair F. Donaldson. She completed her PhD at King’s College London, studied there, and worked at the Software Systems (SSY) group for four years. Her PhD research on software model checking and abstraction refinement was done under the supervision of Dr Hana Chockler (first) and Prof. Luca Viganò (second) in collaboration with the USI Formal Verification and Security group. Her PhD thesis was on Efficient SMT-based Verification of Software Programs in the field of model checking, SMT solving, and incremental verification for software. Prior to her PhD studies, Karine worked in several local and international software companies as a research scientist and software developer.

David Kelly

David Kelly is currently a Post Doctoral Research Associate at King’s College London. He holds a PhD and MSc in Computer Science from University College London. His PhD, on the merger of information theory with security type systems and testing was done under the (joint first) supervision of Prof Earl T. Barr and Dr David Clark.
His research is at the intersection of formal methods and probabilistic reasoning, with a special interest in applications of information theory to engineering practice and security. At King’s he is working on statistical methods for explainable AI. He was not always a computer scientist: he holds a BA in Music from Trinity College, Dublin. Prior to his PhD, he worked for many years as a stone carver and lettering artist, having worked in St Paul’s Cathedral, London, and the National Memorial Arboretum (UK) among many other locations.