Testing Machine Learning

Testing Machine Learning

Machine learning testing market is relatively new and hence the market size is currently unclear. However, it is possible to correlate the ML testing market with that of software testing to have an estimate of the market share. Our market research highlighted the fact that software testing corresponds to 10% of the overall software development market.

Furthermore, the widespread use of ML applications implies that the demand for ML is on the rise; it is expected that testing machine learning will make up to 10% of the whole machine learning market (currently standing at around 8.4B$, therefore the testing market would reach up to 840M$).

‘Within this specific market, we identified 7 different segments that cover 97% of the market. Out of these 7 segments, our market validation has focused on four segments namely, healthcare (13%), retail (12% of the market), IT (22% of the market) and automobile (15% of the market).

The aim of MLighter is to help machine learning coders and QA testers to make their machine learning systems more resilient to potential adversarial conditions and identify bugs and vulnerabilities in their code.